Safe City

Reducing Crime, Threats and Driving Community Safety

IP Survelliance

BigMOM equips your institute with a new dimension of security.

Power Savers

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Power of Global Positioning System Unleashed - Track Anything Anywhere Online


Our Skills

Netindia over the course of its establishment has developed its own research-oriented internal divisions working towards design and development of various integrated value added solutions.

Embeeded Systems Design
Network Engineering
OSS/BSS Consulting
Network Element Certification & Testing

What we do

Netindia Pvt. Ltd. is a Hyderabad based company focused on Research & Development in the areas of Internet of Things, Embedded Systems and Telecommunications Network Engineering. NetIndia offers consulting services in Embedded Systems, Telecommunication Network Design,  Operations Support Systems and Software.


To enable a fully networked world that moves information seamlessly across any network, device or any machine across any location.


Being a preferred partner for our Customers, OEM and end users by offering them innovative, reliable, customized, cost-effective, embedded solutions that allow them to Network enable their business.”

Expanding existing customer relationship

We leverage our existing relationships with customers by working closely to understand and meet their evolving requirements

Leveraging emerging Technologies

By adopting new technical development, we are better positioned to take advantage of the new market opportunities

Developing strategic relationships

We establish solid business relationships offering our customer advanced engineering services, flexibility and turnkey solutions to their needs.

We pay attention to real metrics like Return on Investments (ROI) and Return of Equity (ROE) so that we are always working towards creating sustainable value for our clients.
We collaborate with clients. This means that we share the uncertainty and outcome of business ventures. Transparency is a critical success factor. We identify with your core competencies, demonstrate them, and help them spread across the organization. Innovation is our key. It is the ultimate competitive advantage in a dynamic marketplace.
We adopt an innovative approach towards business. In collaboration with our clients, we develop solutions that result in successful enterprises. We offer a provide combination of leadership, technology expertise, and people to lead the business economy. Netindia Business System (NBS) is built on three pillars.

Our Products

Corporate partnerships are more important than ever and far greater resources are needed to address the magnitude of the threats we now face.

Safe City


IP Surveillance


Power savers




GPS Systems

Power of Global Positioning systems

The Trackstick Pro is a tiny GPS data logger capable of continuously recording its own location histories for extended periods of time. This device is powered by an included cigarette lighter plug or can be hard wired to any vehicle. The Trackstick Pro is the perfect solution for companies and individuals looking a way to record and validate vehicle, shipping or truck routes.

With 4Mbit of memory, the Trackstick Pro can log weeks or even months of travel histories. User selectable features allow the record time to be changed from a recording interval of every 5 seconds or from 1 minute up to every 60 minutes. A “first in, first out” memory map will continuously record while erasing the oldest location histories first.